Tuesday, 26 July 2011

For ABC Wednesday - B is for Bus

B is for Bus for ABC Wednesday - lets turn the wheels once again - we can have classic old buses - double decker and single decker buses- open top buses - tour buses - and what about the school bus and the walking bus maybe - can we include that one I wonder? there are work buses and of course the playbus - it is endless - buses are a reliable source of transport both in the big cities and the countryside - they are pretty much reliable for time - well hmm!! maybe - what is that saying - one bus will come along followed closely behind by another one - well that's life and you take it on the chin and on to go - this blog is a bit of a ramble of thoughts of past and present.

Does anyone remember the series in the clip below I wonder - it brings back many a memory for me and I still laugh at all the corny jokes and the characters in the films

Eeek! I must dash - I have a bus to catch!!


  1. Sorry, nothing to do with buses, but..
    Your "Elegant Mushroom" picture is of a 'Parasol' mushroom. They are edible and I have enjoyed many. I found one on my walk here so time back:-

  2. Thankyou Bernard - I have waited probably waited nine months or more for someone to name my mushroom - but it was far to beautiful to eat - Bye Jane - I must search out your blog on that one

  3. Oh I remember that program/programme! Poor Olive!
    Jane x
    PS For some reason Blogger has a problem with my leaving a comment, I tried several times this morning!

  4. I don't remember that show but I do enjoy the British sitcoms and murder mysteries nowadays.

    abcw team

  5. There is so much to see in your photo of the bus. Wonderful!

  6. Love the variety of buses you show and talk about. Perfect choice for the letter B.

  7. Great post for the letter B. I hope your week is off to a good start.

  8. What a nice variety of buses. I don't remember this show, but it was fun to watch the clip.

  9. always wanted to ride on a double-decker; ride standard buses all of the time.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Thanks for On the the Buses. It's a reminder that not too long ago there was a conductor as well as a driver on the buses. And an inspector: "I hate you Butler!"

  11. I have never ride a double decker bus and I would love to ride on it. When I came here in the US I asked hubby immediately where can I find a bus. And he said we don't have a bus here you should learn first how to drive lol!!



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