Friday, 15 July 2011

Skywatch over the Wrekin in Shropshire

We watched the evening sky drop away into a fantastic sunset as we climbed towards the 1335ft summit and I thought of Skywatch.

The header shot was taken looking through the trees towards the Welsh mountains

The Legend of the Wrekin
Wellington, Shropshire

A Welsh Giant, bearing a grudge against the people of Shrewsbury, set out one day with a spadeful of earth to dam the Severn and thus drown the town. But he took the wrong road and, meeting a cobbler near Wellington, enquired of him the way. Now the cobbler, hearing the Giant's intention, decided he could not risk losing so many of his best customers. So he tumbled the boots and shoes from his bag. "I've come from Shrewsbury, and I've already worn out all these boots and shoes, so far away is it." In despair, the Giant dumped his spadeful of earth where he stood, and returned home. The Giant's load is the hill which people now call the Wrekin.

The Wrekin has long been the subject of many a myth and legend

Turning around and looking to the east , the harsh reality of the chimneys of the Ironbridge Power Station at the head of the Ironbridge Gorge was visible

Then a last look at those skies over Wales


  1. Those views are breath-taking! I'd not heard that story about the giant before - interesting!

  2. Love the legend! And the view is lovely.

  3. Forgot to mention the Wrekin allegedly was the inspiration for Tolkeins' Middle Earth in the series of books 'The Lord of the Rings' J.R.R.Tolkein grew up in Edgbaston Birmingham

  4. I was born in Wake Green Rd., Moseley, just up from where JRRT lived. I did a blog some time back. He based a lot of his work on local places. Sarehole Mill was was just off Wake Green Rd. too. He used this for his Mill at Bywater. I didn't know about him using the Wrekin though. I guess it was the idea for 'Weathertop' perhaps?
    As children we were taken out for picnics all around that area, and we had a saying "Going round the Wrekin".
    It meant going all 'round the 'ouses' instead of going in a straight line.
    Lovely pictures Jane. In fact I thought that header picture was a view of the Malverns rather than 'Molly's mountains'. (Welsh mounts).

  5. That is a delightful sunset and I love your Wrekin View.

    Quite a few of your links and views in the sidebar are familiar to me,it seems we like the same places :-)

    Bernard directed me to your post. Thank you Bernard ;-)


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