Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Skywatch and Rainbows

Skywatch - somewhere over the rainbow as the song goes- rainbows hold a fascination for me - and I am sharing two of my favourite shots with you my blogging friends.

The first shot in my header picture was taken in Newquay Wales last summer - or Llareggub as it is called in Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas - Dylan Thomas as it is told had a quirky sense of humour - if you reverse the spelling of Llareggub ! well say no more! maybe maybe not!

If you visit Newquay - you can follow the Dylan Thomas Trail - when you can visit places connected with him - his poetry and his stories.

I like this view - it is a busy little harbour and very colourful - the dolphins come in quite close to the harbour wall and during the summer months - a daily dolphin count is maintained by the local Dolphin Watch - you can view records and so forth in their office in the town

This view was taken walking down the cliffs into Newquay - I always think the houses look like little toy houses - sporting all the colourful paintwork

There are many walks to enjoy - from around the other side of the harbour -the lifeboat station can be seen - lots of activity there - where you can view the boats up close

Dusk is quite magical in Newquay - the sea birds calling - and the sounds of the little boats bobbing up and down in the harbour - the picture above was taken quite late - on a walk around the town

My other rainbow shot was taken from the boat between Oban and the Isle of Arran = the light was amazing - a painters paradise


  1. That rainbow picture is fabulous! We haven't been to Newquay for years. It looks so nice there! Just feel like a trip to the sea!

  2. A double rainbow--and if I use my imagination, I can see a third one too!


    When planets plummet
    And comets careen,
    It’s the strangest sight
    You ever have seen.

    When drunk stars stagger
    And comets collide,
    It’s time to look up
    As you go outside

    To stare at the sky
    Where the strangest sight
    Is the moon-faced thing
    That you see at night.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Menacing Sky

  3. A double rainbow no less!
    Jane x

  4. That header picture is the best of a double rainbow I have ever seen.
    I see rainbows here - but - from where I look out there are telephone wires and television aerials all over the place.
    'Lady Luck' must have been with you that day. :)
    It's always a case of being in the right place at the right time, isn't it? Well done - lucky you! :)


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