Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Y is for Yesteryear

y is for Yesteryear - celebrated with a visit to Blists Hill - Ironbridge in Shropshire. Blists Hill is a Victorian Museum in the form of a working town of that age - 1890 -1910.

Last week we took our two grandsons to the museum - they were off school due to a teacher strike - and we all really enjoyed the day. I have posted some off the pics of the day - special bits that a caught our eye.

My header pic is of the Trevithick Steam Locomotive - it is a replica of the worlds' first steam locomotive constructed in Coalbrookdale to the designs of Richard Trevithick -1771-1833

How about having your post delivered by a postie on this little beaut !

I loved this cartoon - must share!

Pen and Quill - boys and myself had a go at writing with the quill and I think we did rather well!

Potions on the chemist shop shelf - kill or cure! as they say

Needles -pins - buttons - little treasures - special place for the lady of the house

Merry go Round and fairground music - bliss!

Not in action today shame!

How I appreciate my washing machine!

More washing arrangements of the personal kind!

My grandma had a larder like this one - it was so familiar to me after many years as a child - eggs -ham - pots - stone jars - unidentified objects wrapped in muslin cloths - jams - chutneys - tin mugs - oh memories!

Jenny off to be harnessed into the cart

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Away we go !

What a day of gazing back at distant times - boys and ourselves had a fab time - but I declined the chips cooked in beef fat - Ahh!! - but I did enjoy the treacle toffee!


  1. Yesteryear is a great Y-word! I must remember it for the NEXT round. :) I enjoyed this post very much and I hope the grandkids liked stepping back in time too.

  2. Sweet post! And yes, I do love my modern day appliances. I find it mind-boggling that 10 years ago I could live without constant computer interaction and feedback!

  3. Some thrilling pics of yesteryear! (Great word, that.)

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I love places like that!
    Jane x
    I would have declined the chips too!

  5. What a grand place. I think I would have worn my camera out taking so many pictures. Thanks for sharing your shots of yesteryear.

  6. Jane - brilliant pictures! Glad you all had a nice day there!

  7. I visited Ironbridge a very long time ago and loved how the land surrounding the working machines was covered with wild flowers. Your post has made me think I must make another trip.

  8. handsome reminders.
    love the horses, art of carts..

  9. Thanks for taking me round the museum! We were in Ironbridge a month or two ago, but didn't have time to see everything.

  10. I love visiting places like this...makes one appreciate the modern appliances.

    abcw team

  11. "....and fairground music - bliss!"
    Have to agree 100% with you on this.

  12. Gorgeous entries for letter Y!

    My ABC, please come and see.

  13. Good take on 'Y' day. Well done!


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