Tuesday, 1 November 2011

P is for ...............Purple - Paris and Partytime

P is for Purple ... Purple has long had royal connections and been the colour of kings.

What about the Plant world and vibrant purple - buddlea - heliotrope - sporting their heady perfumes and adorning our gardens

This Bougainville was flowering at its best at the Eden Project in Cornwall during last summer.

..and wild foxgloves ,vetch and thistles run free in our hedgerows and meadows

P is for back to Purple our local Conservation Project in the Shropshire Hills to bring the hills back to a blaze of purple as the heather blooms

P is for Paris a favourite city of mine visited a few years back - always an eye catcher the Eiffel Tower - magnificent views from the top - see side panel

Street artists at every turn - showing incredible talent and flair - I love them and I could drink in the atmosphere for hours on end.

Not to be missed a trip on the Seine at night - another world as the boat slips through the hush of the night.

I took this picture of the Moulin Rouge - and we were able to view the foyer - the shows are incredible I believe but very costly - but I did buy a fridge magnet from a local stall - Ah well some day !!

Finally I wish you all a Perfectly Peaceful week ahead


  1. Love purple.
    But I'm shocked that Prince hasn't had the video taken down - he's notorious for doing so.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Ah, Paris! I absolutely MUST return some day and spend more time there. I love all your beautiful purples...especially the bougainnevillea - reminds me of Sicily! Have a phenomenal week,

    abcw team

  3. I like all the examples of purple blossoms you thought of!

  4. love purple - a fav colour from childhood

  5. P is for pictures - you've taken some brilliant ones. I love the one of the Seine all lit up - gorgeous

  6. I loved that photo of the bougainvillea on the gate. Gorgeous!

  7. Lovely examples of Purple for P, Jane: Purple flowers, Paris and Purple Rain! A Perfect feast for the senses.

  8. Great photos and here, here to Paris and purple!

  9. Perfect PICKS for P! Late visiting from ABC Wednesday!

    Hand and Foot Prints is my P, please come and see.


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