Tuesday, 15 November 2011

R is for Reunion

R is for Reunion - lets go over to ABC Wednesday for a Reunion of Bloggers with a myriad of tales to share.

R is for a Reunion of friends, family and work colleagues and of course that school reunion - see mine above - X marks the spot!

We talked and laughed on that day about many things as we turned the clock back - the school layout wasn't much changed - the corridors were now enclosed and not open to the world as they were then - the cold winds cutting into those bare legs wearing ankle socks and sensible shoes!

The stair ways were the same - I gave a shudder as I walked down the cold stone steps - I could hear in the far away distance ghostly echoes of shrill laughter - as girls rushed to beat the dinner bell.

Memories came flooding back of stripping down to white T shirts and bottle green big knickers - yes they were the dress!for the weekly gym lessons- thoughts came to mind of bunsen burners and risky experiments in the Science Room - and of rushing round the hockey field - I hated it - I always managed to get bruises on my ankles from over zealous players.

The tennis courts were still there but greatly improved as were the netball pitches.

I loved netball and was in the house team for Dame Agnes Hunt - and sported a large purple badge. I seemed to have a knackof getting the ball in the net.

You know I had no intention of going on about schooldays past - just got carried away - sorry to ramble on! anyway I am now off to sweep leaves.


  1. I Remember it well, especially those gym knickers. I hated them. Mine was green also!

  2. Reunions are wonderful :) Happy ABC!
    R is for...

  3. Ahhhh. 'Bottle Green'. Brings back memories. Not the knickers of course, just the colour.
    Us three boys went to three different schools in our area. Poor old Mum, would have to go to the Co-Op and buy different coloured uniforms. No handing down in this case! Mine was 'Navy Blue', Adrian's was 'Bottle Green' and Colin's was 'Nigger Brown'. Co-Op descriptions, not mine.
    There were three corresponding girl's schools in the area, so I have assume, no proof mind you, that knickers were similarly described. :)
    (Actually, by the time I was in Lower Sixth, I and my mates had verified this as true!) :)

  4. I'm glad you had such a good time at the reunion.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. 'Bridget Jones' knickers with a little pocket to keep your hanky in - how I use to hate them - we used to have to do PE in them in the first year after that we had to wear some very unstylish shorts :0( Memories!

  6. Exciting event.

    My R is about Raking Leaves, please come and see.

  7. It's fun to look back on the good old days! Glad you had a good time with old friends.


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