Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ABC Wednesday and T is for Train Spotting

It is the letter T across at ABC Wednesday - and T is for Train Spotting - last Saturday the Tornado and the King Edward 1 were on a visit to Shrewsbury as part of a steam event lasting all day for all concerned.

The trains on their day out I must say looked amazing - our grandson aged 10 is a railway enthusiast - he has his own engine shed ( converted garden shed!) complete with trains and a layout that has grown to all extremes and soon will burst out of the shed.

We wanted to catch the trains going down the line , us to take pics and A to gaaze in awe at the great machines.

A steam train in full flight is quite hard to capture- you either click to soon or to late!

First down the line was the King Edward and then a two hour gap between trains - so off we went to a model railway and car exhibition in the local village hall - see pis below

Timr to return to the railway line - so we climbed up and over stiles and crossed several fields in haste - the sheep looked on ...

Second train down the line was the Tornado - (featured a while back in a Top Gear programme with Jeremy Clarkson a favourite of A - our grandson) ...the Tornado was well worth the wait

A quick dash then to Shrewsbury Station to view the trains more closely - King Edward above - below the Tornado - as you can see the day was closing in - and the trains were all set for their journey back to London with their enthusiastic passengers.

Today was Time Taken out - Together To enjoy a Tumultuous Train Tour Travelling Through our local Town

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  1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes but Blogger won't let me edit them !! I have tried !

  2. Steam trains, so romantic...the sounds..the smell...the soot!
    Jane x

  3. Love them all and never spotted a single spelling mistake.
    But.....did notice that your fantastic header photo of Tornado, was labelled - King Edward I?
    A 'pensioner train spotter' you see - and a GWR enthusiast to boot!
    Cheers.....Bernard. :)

  4. Thankyou Bernard - I am just a beginner you see - I knew we had two trains - I am adjusting the error as we speak !! Jane

  5. I LOVE trains!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Time together and trains...what could be better than that?

  7. Oh how exciting Jane - there is something quite magical about the sound of a steam train. I am old enough to remember traveling in them as a child and thinking what an adventure it was :)

  8. You've done a great job with the photos, love it when they steam up, I like the one coming round the bend. We occasionally watch the Oliver Cromwell steaming up the coast but not seen either of yours. (I have a train loving partner, I think he may be 10 years old underneath the years, LOL)

  9. Great choice for T. I love trains and enjoyed this post and photographs.

  10. My son LOVED trains growing up. I think the novelty has worn off.

  11. Hi,thank you for the comment on my blog.We had the Tornado on our line for a while the boys thought it was fantastic,its Billys, my eldest grandsons 2nd favorite after Sir Nigel Gresley,oh no Im starting to sound like a train spotter lol.Love Jill xx

  12. I like to take the train ! You just sit there, watching the flying buy landscape or cows and don't have to worry.


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