Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ABC Wednesday and G is for ..........

It is a ABC Wednesday and G is for 'Get Your Own!!- see header pic - complete with a do it yourself water butt and an honesty box - lovely big brown free range eggs seen and bought over the weekend on an afternoon walk in the Shropshire Hills.
G is for Go out there and Gaze at the beautiful scenery close to Caer Caradoc in Shropshire
These are pics from my photo Gallery of the day
Peace on Earth and a recharge of batteries for the week ahead
The sun shone down on the rocky ridges - and we watched a raven soar high into the sky - before suddenly he came down and took a break to peer at the walkers invading his terrority - we wondered how old he was - ravens can reach a great age
Finally G is for Galanthus - our gorgeous snowdrop - a little gem seen on my walk today - in the park. Have a great week and thanks for calling by- I am linking to Abc Wednesday and Rambling Woods why not join me there


  1. What a lovely post, Jane. Great pictures, too. Shropshire, from my distant memories, was a beautiful place.

  2. I have never seen so many snowdrops! I loved hearing the birds in the video..the woods sound so full of life.
    Jane x

  3. Yes hasn't today been GORGEOUS! I was working inside on a commission (see my blog) but was watching our hens in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Normally we have vertical blinds in the lounge but they were removed during the makeover, due to be replaced but I think not now - let the GARDEN come into the room eh?
    Thanks so much for this, ABC Wednesday is simply GREAT!
    ABC Team

  4. Getting out there and gazing at life around me is the best way to recharge the batteries. Lovely pictures.

  5. a gorgeous day there, indeed.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. What a lovely county Shropshire is, but it looks so wintry, I was thinking. Then I saw your absolutely beautiful movie of the snowdrops. Of course they are wintry but they are also a wonderful sign of life and a sure sign that winter has lost the battle!

  7. Beautiful surroundings!

    Gold and Green
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

  8. It sure is looking mighty nice in your corner of the world!

  9. Nothing can beat free range eggs. Love your pictures. What a fantastic walk.

  10. It's been sssssooo ccccold here lately I haven't wanted to go outside, but your photos urge me to do so anyway! Just lovely,

    abcw team

  11. Always nice to get outside and enjoy nature and the scenery. Beautiful photos, what a lovely place to walk. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I loved the raven and the snowdrops and everything! My son's all time favorite teacher was a fun, kind lady named ...Miss Shropshire! I bet her ancestors came from this place :)

  13. Lovely eggs, and I got distracted by your snow drops -they are so pretty!

  14. I agree this is a lovely post and I just loved the video clip with all the springtime like sounds. I played it twice as it is not so loud here yet... I love the idea of the honesty box. Beautiful peaceful country to explore. Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes Jane..Have a wonderful week...Michelle

  15. My Australian blog-friend, Helen was asking about Snowdrops, so I sent her over her to view your fantastic display. I have never,ever, seen so many in one place.
    She wondered if they were wild or had been planted there?
    I expect those in your film clip there, have spread by themselves over many years.


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