Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Abc Wednesday and C is for ......

ABC Wednesday and C is for Craft in this Case - SCareCrow Art - Metal MiCkey has been reinvented by B for the loCal shows and hopefully will raise money for Charity

Requirements to make


Air Tank off a MerCedes lorry Cut in half for his faCe and hat - Earrings are a bull ring off the side of a wagon - ears are of Chain hoist hooks - and marbles are used for his eyes-


Body is out of 30mm old sCrap tubing - and feet- not visible at the moment out of steel tipper floor Scrap - holes have been made in the feet to sCrew Mickey to the ground - he is held in plaCe at the moment by two (50lb weights)

MiCkey has a splendid Coat to wear - Courtesy of the loCal Car boot and will also sport green wellies - hold a pikel andCarry on Chewing the straw in his mouth

Three Cheers for the Shropshire SCareCrows

MiCkey will make his first debut at Burwarton Show in Shropshire -Closely followed by the Shrewsbury Flower Show - hopefully I will be able to post the piCs of MiCkey and his friends as soon as they are available


  1. Thanks for the directions to making Mickey but I don't think I have the gas tank from a lorrie to start the project. (:0)

  2. This scarecrow would look fantastic in my garden. Well, it would. :)

  3. I LOVE your scarecrow! How creatively inventive!

  4. What a fine looking fellow. Only down the road in Cheshire. Is MiCkey heading this way in the future?

  5. Wow! What an art form!

    abcw team

  6. cool candlabra!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Neat! This is so Creative and for a good Cause.

    Hope that you visit my Calm & Peaceful post.

  8. Gosh, a bit more upmarket than the scarecows made from old clothes and straw (Worzel Gummidge).
    Jane x

  9. A marvellous scarecrow. Very clever of you. I'd love one in my garden to keep the pigeons off the lettuce.

    Hi Jane, I had completely forgotten about you; do you still come to Fridge Soup? I just saw your name in the cooks' column and came over to refresh my memory. A fellow Salopian, how could i forget. Would you also remind me where in Shropshire you are? South, North, the hills, round the meres?

  10. MiC said you ought to call him 'Isaiah' Hehe
    Very impressed :0) He also wants to know if anybody's lost a wheelbarrow down the allotment?


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