Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ABC Wednesday F is for ......

ABC Wednesday and F is For Farm - Full title Acton Scott Working Farm Museum - set in the heart of Shropshire. A step back in time - like a breath of Fresh air.

Tamworth piglets - in their old Fashioned sty - snuffled away in a careFree way

Ducks were for ever busy - in their duckpond - oblivious to all - swimming round and round - continually squabbling in a Friendly way.taking time out for a well earned rest.

A visit last week proved to be Fun with the Family in tow.

F is For Flower - so lets look at the Foxglove - or Digitalis - which in Latin means finger - which according to Daphne Barraclough in A Flower Lovers Miscellany - led to the name of fairies gloves.

The Foxglove is definitely a Free spirit and can be Found on both sides of the Fence- wild or cultivated - popping up in the most unexpected places - reputed to have Fairy and mystical connections and it will definitely deter the rabbit population if set amongst the veggies- and if you are interested in herbal remedies - the Foxglove is a well known source of medicine for Heart complaints.

Finally for a Finale - F is For Friends and For a Fabulous time- feasting on Favourite Foods and listening to Fantastic music From a Frenzied band - until the sun had set over the Shropshire Hills


  1. Love the animal pics...we don't get foxgloves here....I guess our winters are too harsh.
    Jane x

  2. Fantastic choices for F, love the ducks and the flower.
    f is for...

  3. Jane you've taken some brilliant pictures again. We went to Acton Scott a few years ago when they were holding a 'blacksmith jamboree' there. It's an amazing place - would love to go again

  4. Yow, some wicked FUZZ Bass from the band! But nice flora.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Working farm museums are such fun! You really can step back in time...for a little while.

  6. I love the color of the pigs!

    First Grade's Fees is what I have for ABC this week.

  7. This certainly meets my expectations of what an English farm would look like!

  8. I do love your choice of F words, especially the little piglets on the museum farm.

  9. What a nice choice for f ! you have the first farm I visit !
    ABC Team

  10. Animals are fun to watch and these wild flowers are beautiful!

    ABC Wed


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