Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A few of my favourite Ds

Here are a few of my favourite Ds for ABC WeDnesday - How quickly a week passes anD into the next letter we go!

D is for Dragon a mythical creature - a favourite of mine - featured in tales of old and also the national symbol of Wales

If you click on the picture above - search for the dragon - the picture is of my special people and one that I treasure

D is for Dandylion

D is for Donald Duck - I thought you might like this clip I did!

These are the Ducks at the Burwarton Show - they were having a very busy time - the tall Ducks are Indian Runners or so I was told - they were gorgeous!

This sheep was so smart - but I don't know his breed - does anyone know I wonder? maybe it begins with a D

The cattle were perfect Darlings - and so perfectly groomed and clean - munching away with not a care in the world

D is for Debut - and Metal Mickeys Debut at the Burwarton Show - all a bit of a fiasco - Mickey and his bits and instructions for erection needed to be dropped off at the show office the day before - to be strategically placed in the Scarecrow Trail by those in charge. Unfortunately Mickeys' bottomless wellies were misplaced and the picture above shows Metal Mickey in a stste of undress at the showground and with his pikel in the wrong hand!

Above - the scarecrow trail click on to see number 37 - Mickey was close to the sheep -

Mickeys name tag - well he could have got lost! his wellies did!

Metal Mickeys next day out will be at the Shrewsbury Flower Show later this week - where he will have a name change by deed poll of course and also maybe a sex change - so good luck to Metal Mickey and the charity scarecrows


  1. Blogger is being stubborn and will not let me go in and finish my blog - sorry for the misdirection of Metal Mickeys picture and also any spelling mistakes.

    And this is my poem for the Dandelion picture

    Here's the Dandelion's rhyme
    See my leaves with tooth-like edges
    Blow my clocks to tell the time
    See me flaunting by the hedges
    In the meadow, in the lane
    Gay and naughty in the garden
    Pull me up - I grow again
    Asking neither leave nor pardon
    Sillies,what are you about
    With your spades and hoes of iron?
    Ypu can never drive me out
    Me.the dauntless Dandelion

    Cicely Mary Barker


  2. Poor Mickey. Great pictures and poem anyway. I love the dandelions, but not in my garden.

  3. Dandelions make rather nice wine!
    Poor footless Mickey!
    Jane x

  4. Hoping to go to the show on Friday - Good luck with Mickey

  5. Wow! You certainly found a lot of Ds!

  6. What a dandy post for our D week! I saw the dragon - looks like the one on the Welsh flag. Hope you have a delightful week,

    abcw team

  7. great pictures and poem - great post really

  8. I love your blog, Jane, and I love your pics. I've signed up to follow you. I'm looking forward to seeing what else tickles your blogging fancy :)

  9. What a fun compilation of d's and pics! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, what a fun visit! I adore Donald and he is at his best in this video.
    Great choices for today!

  11. This whole post is great and I love the first shots of the flower show. All the shots are good but those wide ones of all the flowers are my favorites.

  12. The show looks fantastic and I too loved those first two shots of the gardens,


    ABC Wednesday Team

  13. You could always just say "D for Damn lotta wool." :))


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