Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Contribution to ABC Wednesday is G is for Golden

ABC Wednesday and my contribution is G is for Golden - the Golden anniversary the 50th Anniversary of Steam - held at Onslow Park in Shropshire - a magnificent venue.

Visitors flocked to the event in their thousands.

The event has spanned over 50 years in different venues in the county - the rally first started at the Church Stretton Carnival many years ago - I can remember going to the Carnival as a child - it was an unforgettable event for me - my memories are of engines in the streets - they seemed huge to me - I can remember gazing up at them - always it was evening when we went - and the atmosphere was magical - with the fairground organ music playing on every street corner.

The evening always ended in fish and chips , wrapped in newspaper - the treat of the night -there is nothing like chips wrapped in newspaper on a cold night.

The rally this weekend has grown to huge proportions - over 100 engines were in the ring for the grand parade.

Tractors streamed into the arena - with their drivers in period dress

Classic cars - my favourite took a turn around the ring - look at that little white Morgan - what a beauty!

Another Morgan - engineless - being lovingly restored - the owner claiming it would be up and running to take its turn around next year

There were many craft and working demos with people roaming around in period dress - here a lady talks to the saddler - who in turn played to the theme and addressed her -' Good Afternoon Mistress'

I was really taken with the wood turning - look at these chrysanths - aren't they gorgeous - they are made out of Hazel - and they look good sitting in a vase in my hall

The event included working fields - with tractors buzzing up and down - and items such as threshing boxes and binders showing how it was done

The arena was never empty with an endless stream of activities - there were bicycles - steam lorries - prams - to mention but a few - and a falcon display - a huge craft tent and a treasure trove of stalls selling memorabilia.

We went for the two days - the three of us - because dogs were allowed - B was demonstrating on the blacksmiths' forge making hinges for lorries - so there was plenty of time for me to roam around this event - and a good time was had by all I must add


  1. I just love these events! The flowers look so pretty, hard to believe they are wood!
    Jane x

  2. This looks like you would need both days to see it all!!

  3. Great shots for the letter G. I enjoyed the tour. It looks like so much fun to be there with all those classics to look at.

  4. I attended a steam show earlier this year but this one is far more interesting! Wonderful show!

  5. Looks like a great event Jane. Wish I had known about it as Shrewsbury is only just down the road!

  6. It was good wasn't it! We had a great day out too. xxx

  7. a significant milestone. nice event.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. This looks like a fascinating event I can see why you wanted to attend. there are so many photo opportunities there. I think I would have worn my camera out.

  9. Such an interesting choice for G, lovely photos too.

    G is for Gorgeous Gladiola

  10. That looks like SO much fun. We don't have near enough history here in western Canada to have events like that, although they do have them in the East. Have a wonderful week,

    abcw team

  11. Gorgeous sky shots, thanks for sharing!

    Sky watching on one fine afternoon, you visit will mean a lot. Have a safe weekend.


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