Sunday, 14 August 2011


Guess what we are here again - this week we celebrate the letter E - let's think now ... and away we go!

E is for effort each and everyone of us must make to extend our personal esteem

E is for this exhibit of potato varieties at the Shrewsbury Flower Show this week and below the the ever colourful flower displays in the Exibitors Marquee

Look at all those goodies on the NVS display

E is for th Excitement of the Shropshire Scarecrows another day out at the Shrewsbury Flower Show - a rosette for Mickey - oops I mean Minnie in her colourful skirt - a third prize - eureeka!! maybe next year..

E is for the Energy of the massed bands of the Coldstream Guards - The Royal Engineers and the Male Voice Choir as they provided entertainment - see in the video clip - Land of Hope and Glory by Elgar -wonderful - but I do apologise for the eyelid advert - I downloaded my clip onto You Tube first - but I suppose it is an E

E is for Extravaganza and the display of fireworks at the end of the evening - bringing the 2011 Flower Show - a great day

And finally E is for England and our gracious Queen Elizabeth

God Save the Queen


  1. Oh those flowers are so lovely, and all the other E pictures, quite a variety to choose from. Great choices for E day.

  2. Jane, I'm so sorry...(giggling)but when I read your header(giggling a bit more)I thought it said "Eric centrefold"....(now I'm hysterical)...wonder how many views this page will get???
    Jane x

  3. We missed Minnie! Lots of congratulations on getting a third - well done!

  4. Hello.
    WoW! Love the color of the Ericas. The gardens are amazing! Congratulations too on third place for Minnie!

    Awesome "E"!

    I'm here:
    Evening Wind

  5. excellent look!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Great fireworks displays. It's hard to get good pictures of them. Love the flower, too. I stayed in Shropshire years go and it's obvious I missed a lot of fantastic sights.

  7. Beautiful selection for E. I especially love Erica Cerinthoides and of course England.

  8. Nice selection for the letter E. You and your camera have been busy! Thanks for stopping by at my E post.

  9. Somehow I missed this last week! I'm glad I saw it today! :)


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