Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

Yesterday we went on a drive out for a breath of fresh air arriving at Bridgnorth. We wandered through the town and eventually came to the castle walkway. The view down to Low Town (Bridgnorth is split into two High Town and Low Town)from the walkway was clear today -
Has we walked we were treated to the view of a steam train leaving the Severn Valley Railway Station - pure magic as it wound its way along the track.
Bridgnorth is full of history and interesting things - so we will surely come back again for a further look - I am sure there will be more pictures and that I will be sharing those with the blog. I am linking with Scenic Sunday and I am going over to view other Scenic Sunday Contributions - see you there.


  1. Wonderful series of photos. I like the first shot where the birds found a happy spot. And the steam train is a nice classic shot. Your header shot is awesome and one of my favorites. Have a Happy Sunday!

  2. Love your new header picture. glad you had a nice drive out.

  3. I went to Bridgenorth when I was 18 with my friend's family..we went on the steam train and it was fabulous....sooty but fabulous!
    Jane x


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