Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's ABC Wednesday and F is for Fabulous Flowers and Feathered Friends

F is for Fabulous flowers - a carpet of snowdrops in my header pic and a bright yellow Hamamelis or witch hazel to some flowering for the first time in the border- see pic below.
Just look above at this fantastic little fighter - my Torbay Palm - originally stood approx 10 metres tall -raised from a tiny pot plant and taken by the severe UK weather in 2010-2011 and was cut to the ground only to now begin new growth - next to new plant on the block - the witch hazel.
F is for Feathered Friends - the following are a few pics of frequent visitors calling by for a feast A greenfinch and a goldfinch tolerate each other on the feeder -
A starling swoops down for a raisin
A blackbird joins the queue for the raisin dish
We have a small colony of house sparrows in the clematis at the bottom of the garden - I love to hear their cheerful chirping - we also have a sparrow nesting box - it is a double dwelling - which is supposed to attract them - but all we get to nest in there is a bluetit ! Finally F is for Friendship far and wide - have a fantastic week I am linking to ABC Wednesday and Nature Notes along at Rambling Woods why not come along with me and meet more friends


  1. Hello....lovely to catch up...very fitting that f is for friendship far and wide!! Love all of the birds in the garden, we have yellow hammers here just now, it feels like spring is just around the corner. Lovely photos as always x

  2. I am amazed at the snowdrops WOW!
    Does the witch hazel have a scent?
    You know I loved the birds shots..are the finches year round visitors?
    Jane x

  3. Yes Jane the witch hazel has a light perfume - the finches are with us all year round - we do get a bull finch as well but I haven't managed to get a decent pic of him as yet Jane x

  4. Love the pictures of your "friends". I never saw a green finch before.
    Nice to see your palm coming back too.

  5. You're right. The flowers DO look like snow FLAKES.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. The carpet of snowdrops look so lovely. It really does look as if Spring is coming round at last,

  7. I'm envious that you have snowdrops blooming already! They truly are fabulous growing in the woods. :)

  8. I planted snow drops last year and hope to see them this year. ^_^

    Letter F

  9. Fantastic feather friends you've got.

    Forty Three

    Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team

  10. Wonderful shots of the fine feathered friends and flowers. Great way to combine the two themes.

  11. the header shot is wonderful
    and all the birds!! so sweet

  12. There was so much damage to so many parts of the world...Mother Nature doesn't have favorites when it comes to her weather...

    I love all the birds and didn't know that starlings eat fruit..I have about 20 house sparrows here and of course they should be living in your country and I understand they are in trouble there....

    The little dark bird in my snowy photo is a dark-eyed junco which breeds up north in Canada and spends the winter more south in my area. He was all puffed up due to the cold...

    Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Jane..Have a great week..Michelle

  13. Hello Jane, I love your feathered friends. And your header shot of the snowdrops is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your nature photos. I hope you have a great week, what left of it.

  14. Lovely Snowdrops and you do have a lot of visitors to your garden.


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