Thursday, 1 September 2011

Skywatch and a random week

A random week of walks - in between work and chores - must post these pics for Skywatch

Sun setting over Welsh Hills - walking through the cornfield

Blue blue skies over the Church Stretton hills - today Sept 1st

Incredible skies over Black Top at author Mary Webb's Ratchope- taken 31st August

Finally a glimpse of Bomere Pool at sunset - my how the midges were biting .

A walk through the woods - a few weeks back- proved to be a walk to paradise

Bomere Pool is the setting for Mary Webb's Precious Bane - well worth a read as are all Mary Webb books - Bomere Pool alias Sarn Pool in the book

I could not resist these shots - the setting sun glistened down on the water - playing tricks with the water


  1. How lucky you are, to live near such a beautiful area! Love the diamonds sparkling on the water.
    Jane x

  2. An awesome place to walk with this dear dog.

    My Sunset

  3. I've never been to Bomere Pool but 'Precious Bane' is one of my favourite books. Love your sky watch pictures.

  4. Lovely shots and a lovely area, but what I love best are the place names - very exotic sounding.

  5. Interesting castle, wish I could visit it too. Nice photo's of the pool, hope the midges didn't bite too hard, are they man-eaters like those in Scotland?


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