Tuesday, 6 September 2011

ABC Wednesday and H is for....

ABC Wednesday and a few favourite H pics and thoughts to share - first one is H is for Harvest - lots of Hard work and Happy celebration of bringing the Harvest Home.

This lady was demonstrating the art of making a corn dolly - from times gone by at the working farm museum visited a few weeks back - earlier that day we watched as a television crew filmed the action for a local programme.

We were told that each county had a different style of corn dolly - - which represented the spirit of the corn

H is for Heather - and the Back to Purple - project - to get the local Stiperstones Hill back to its original habitat

Hebridean sheep - a robust sheep - graze the young saplings - which would soon return the hillsides back into wooded areas - smothering the heather and hillside plants

H is for Heron a long legged bird - seen at the local reserve - Venus Pool - on a recent visit

H is for Hang Glider soaring high over the Welsh Coast at Aberystwyth - watched recently on a day away

H is for helicopter - and Elton John leaving the Greenhouse arena at Shrewsbury after a momentous event

H is for Thomas Hardy - 1840 -1928 - British novelist and poet - novels include Tess of the D'urbervilles and Far from the Madding Crowd

How about for a finale we all join a Harmonious sing song during Happy Hour at the local Hostelry!


  1. I'll meet you in the hostelry,but my singing is less harmonious,more haphazard!
    Jane x

  2. Hay, I mean, hey - Elton John was in our area a couple days ago.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I like all your choices for H very much. Happy H day!

  4. Love the idea that the habitat is being restored back to the original natural plant life. Fields of heather would be heavenly to see.

  5. That corn dolly looks very intricate. Have a 'Happy Hour at the local Hostelry' both of you xxx

  6. Happy Hour sounds good for me! lol Love all your H's today.

    abcw team

  7. That corn dolly is very pretty.

    My ABC is about the Humongous Coke in Disney.

  8. What a wonderful Hodgepodge of H's! Great variety...loved them all. Thanks I really enjoyed this visit.

  9. I'll join you for a Harmonious sing song at the local Hostelry any day! He,he.
    I too thought that Corn Dolly the best I'd seen. It was very well done.
    Re you comment on my blog about Cookham.
    They are a funny lot on the other side of the River. (Thames). This is what they get up to next -


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