Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday and the Parrog part one

We have just returned from a few days away just relaxing - mainly walking - taking pics and passing the time of day with fellow travellers and local people - who have a passionate love for their villages - their history and their beautiful coastline.

The Parrog is a magical place just down from Newport - Pembrokeshire - UK.

I just needed to share these shots of the fishermens' cottages in the harbour casting their chimneypot shadows onto the beach and also onto their sister rooftops

Some years ago this was a bustling harbour - going about its thriving business - now the little fishermens' cottages - have been refurbished - but are still used by boating people - but more now for leisure rather than earning a crust of bread.


  1. It looks so lovely and peaceful there. Beautiful pic of the harbour. The weather looks good too. Glad you both had a nice break, xxx

  2. Beautiful captures.

    My shadow, have a nice week ahead!

  3. Thank you for sharing shots of this beautiful place.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Interesting that the fishing village is changing into a place of leisure. People have likely moved in because they like its quaintness...but, if the new people are anything like they are here, they will soon spoil it by overpowering the quaintness with the modern world. AH, well, you got to enjoy it when it still had character and you have the photos to show us. :)

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