Thursday, 22 September 2011

Skywatch over the Parrog

Skywatch - just caught these shots on a few days away last week. The sky suddenly took on an amazing hue of colour which reflected in the harbour waters at the Parrog in Wales

Also there was other things happening in the harbour to add to the magic

The Newport rowing team were coming round the headland from Cwm -yr Iglis ( centre of pic)

The beating of the oars and the cries of success from the rowers echoed round the bay.


  1. What a beautiful place and you photographed the sky and water so well.

  2. Enjoyed seeing some of the lovely scenery from your part of the world.

  3. Such gorgeous scenery and shots!

  4. very tranquil scene and beautiful pictures. I never know how to pronounce these Welsh names.

  5. a veritable potpourri of Ks!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday


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