Sunday, 11 September 2011

Shadows and other titbits

Just a few titbits from the week and a contribution th Shadow Shot Sunday.

My first few pics were taken at the Malpas Yesterday Rally in Cheshire - shadows being the priority and in evidence and what a wonderful array of exhibits - and look at the shadows they cast.

Vintage motorcycles not quite your Harley but in their day someone's dream and even now getting more than a glance.

What about this bus - who-ooo! away to the seaside on a mad excursion ! a lot of these vehicles do get taken out on runs and I believe great fun is had by all !

Now what about ths for an invention - an old lorry cyclinder - converted to burn kindling - and an improvised chimney boils this lovely old brass kettle - what a cuppa eh!

Romany caravans and their horses were dotted around the show ground - colourful and charismatic - this is one of many.

What about this Romany dog - I fell in love !

Moving on - look at this monster heaving away in the allotment - - - already for Halloween - twice the size of his brothers and sisters -surely it will take pride of place on the night !


  1. I really want that Romany caravan.
    Jane x

  2. Love your motorbike shadows. Sounds like you both had a great day at Malpas xx

  3. What a fun place to go. I never saw some of the things you shared before. Very interesting.

  4. Very interesting and beautiful place.
    Nice photos, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Country shows are the best.

    Thanks for visiting, Jane; Do you do your job at R.S.H.? I was there this week as a patient.

  6. I very much like the Romany caravan. I posted one made here in Canada on September 12:

    The one I posted is not nearly as fancy on the outside as the one on your blog, but the inside is in red and gold. :)


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