Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Shadow - a Castle - and a Bus Ride

This week it was time to dust off the old year and prepare for the new - so off we went for a breath of fresh air - Ludlow was the destination - a little town with a lot to offer - a castle - gourmet restaurants - and half timbered buildings.

We caught the local bus and left the car at home - no parking worries today! - the bus is quite a treat , winding through local villages that are speedily passed on the usual car journey.

Ludlow is always a gift with its quiet passageways - shuts and old buildings

Today we had decided to take a walk through Wycliffe Common - this takes you under the ramparts of the castle - this is where I saw the magnificent shadow - see the header pic - the tree was etched brilliantly against the castle wall - The picture above was taken from the local paper the night we came back - and shows the magnificent castle taken from the air -

If you look closely you will see an aerial view of my shadow tree ! how cool is that !

Of course the day would have not been complete without a spot of lunch in the Black Bough and a browse around the shops - plenty of old book shops and the like in this little town.

Finally another bus ride home catching the bus across the street from the Feathers Hotel with its' timber facade - dating back to 1619

I am linking this blog to Hey Harriet and Shadow Shot Sunday - why not pop over to gaze on more shadow shots

Happy New Year ! to all you bloggers - hope all your wishes come true x


  1. Happy New Year to both of you. Love your pictures of Ludlow

  2. Thank you Jane for your wishes and thank you too for your comments on my poor humble blog. (I came over actually to thank you for the latest one.)
    So a Happy New Year to you - and a Year Full of Bones to Bluey!
    Gorgeous pictures of Ludlow, I must tell Helen (Aus) who came over to visit in the spring.
    Cheers from B & W. xx

  3. Such a great atmosphere in this fascinating little place! The building facades have so much character and I imagine many secrets in the shadows too! Beautiful photos!

  4. That sounds like such a wonderful outing for the day. Great photos.

  5. That first shot with the shadow is quite lovely....

  6. Oh, how I would love to have been on this little day trip with you!! Your wonderful post is the next best thing, though. The turret shadows are excellent!!

  7. That dark shadow under the arch almost looks like it was painted there!

    Happy New Year!


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    Menacing shadows? No, just of love.
    Shadows to guide me through each today,
    Shadows around me at work or play.

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  8. Happy New Year Jane !
    I'm a bit late trying to drop by blogs but eventually I will get every where .. I hope!LOL
    This is such a beautiful area .. and the castle is gorgeous .. I will never forget all of the historical buildings we saw while living in the Netherlands .. very impressive indeed !
    Joy (in Canada) : )


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