Monday, 19 December 2011

W is for a Walk in the Woods

W is for a Walk in the Woods and Park at Attingham Hall in Shropshire - mainly pics this week for our Wednesday Fun.

Where Would We be without our ABC Wednesday and Where Would you Wish to Wander free from the cares of the World?

Attingham belongs to the National Trust and is free for members to roam. The park is expertly managed - and ancient trees mix with young saplings along the WalkWays

I like the early morning Walks With the sunlight dancing through the trees and the dew on the grass - and the unexpected pheasant or squirrel darting out from the bushes.

The swan glides by on his usual route - keeping a Watchful eye on the dog and me also - I think - ready for action if need be!

Soon the snowdrops will have a Wake up call in these Woods - and the ground will be awash with White nodding heads

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  1. Beautiful place, were these photos taken recently? It doesn't look at all wintery to me.
    Jane x

  2. Yes Jane the top 3 pics and the bottom 3 pics were taken last week - I am not sure about the one in the middle that one could have been November - it is so mild at the moment here in Shropshire - very little frost as yet x Jane

  3. I'd like to wend my way through those woods!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I just love walking through woods ... any time of year. Looks like your walk was wonderful!

    Wishing you a happy holiday and great 2012.

  5. Love the shadows and reflections in the puddles. Great choice for the letter W. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

  6. What a wonderful way to take a walk in the woods! Have a wondrous week,

    abcw team

  7. Gorgeous pictures. Love the header with the sunlight just touching the barks of the trees.

  8. I do love walking through the woods! Mine and now yours!


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