Thursday, 15 December 2011

Through the Window Today December15th

Through the window today - cold - wet - heavy winds to blow and more rain or snow depending where you are in the UK

Looking from the kitchen window and catching the conservatory - and out to the trees in the garden, The pine tree has history - joining us over 25 years ago - as a tiny tree in a Xmas pot - tied up with red ribbon - sporting little red bows - bells and a dusting of artificial snow - I think it came free - and now it proudly takes it place between the Bay Tree and the Wisteria

The Holly Tree - shot taken from the lounge window window = is an old friend arriving in a small pot - at a nominal price - as usual covered in bright red berries and the Xmas lights - the berries will be eaten no doubt by visiting thrushes before the end of January - I shall bring in just a few sprigs on Christmas Eve to pop in a vase

Can't resist tagging on this extra shot - our welcome to family and friends for the festive season

Why not pop along to the Maple Syrup Mob for more through the window shots


  1. Ooooh.... lots of lovely colour which we are most certainly missing over here! I love the stories behind the plants.
    Jane x

  2. You certainly have a huge crop of Holly berries. There used to be an old saying about 'being in for a hard Winter' when there were loads of berries. I don't believe it - I can't see how a tree can look into the future anymore than you or I can.
    By the way, thank you for the comment on my drawings. I have only just spotted it. Sorry. I don't look back through old post as I should.
    I've found a few old scraper-board pictures and dug out the LotR paintings - but on reflection they are not that good. They were done 40 years ago I suppose. They are old and crinkley, a bit like me I suppose. :)

  3. Those berries are amazing. The birds seem to be polishing all ours off.

  4. nice colors and berries


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