Tuesday, 13 December 2011

V is for Vintage

Vis for Vintage - I could't resist these pics in our local vintage market in Shrewsbury -

It is a treasure trove of interesting bits and is cleverly laid out with lighting and mirrors set in strategic places

I recently bought a wax jacket at a reasonable price - AdVantage to me do you not think!

Fun can be had strolling through the endless racks of stock trying on a hat or slinging a bag over the shoulder to try and create the look!

Bowler hats - leather clutch bags - real feather hats - Urghh! all taking their place, by now you have probably realised that this kind of stall is a favourite of mine ! - I am sure there are others out there who have a similar weakness - is it you?

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  1. Lovely vintage market looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I absolutely love hats, but most here are made from wool, as I'm vegan they have to stay on the rack.
    Jane x

  3. Love vintage markets, great choice for V!
    V is for verdigris

  4. Be warned - they don't call them 'Flea Markets' for nothing! :o
    It makes me itch just looking at those pictures. :)
    I could be wrong, I could be joking - but I couldn't be persuaded to try on other peoples unwanted clothing.
    Cheers....Itchy Bernard.

  5. Snap - we both went for vintage this week Leslie. I will have to have a look to see when that market is on in Shrewsbury - it looks fun. I have some vintage 1970 clothes from my student days - would that I could still get into them!

  6. line between vintage and old is tenuous. interesting.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Oh, I would love to browse in this shop. I can see some goodies that would go home with me.
    What is a wax jacket? Not familiar with that term.

  8. Definitely a place to check out. Looks like a fun place to me.

  9. Thankyou all for visiting my blog-
    Cathy - good luck with the seeds

    Jane and Chris - Best Regards for the Birthday

    Mar - I love a market too !

    Bernard - we don't have fleas in Shrewsbury - we are posh!

    Anna - The vintage market is held in the Market Hall - in the bottom half - and there is a lovely cafe serving a delicious Latte - it is called the Birds Nest - best day is a Saturday
    Roger - yes there is a thin line between old and vintage

    Photowannabe - a wax jacket is a jacket that has been waterproofed - mine is not leather - I avoid leather if I can - it is 100 per cent cptton with an Acrylic lining and is surprisingly warm

    EG Wow - certainly a fun time

    Best wishes to you all - have a good week

  10. I love vintage and looking at your photos I spotted lots of things I like to have hehe.

    ABC Wed.


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