Thursday, 8 December 2011

Through the Window

Thursday 8th December - from the kitchen window - a zoom in on the dovecote at the bottom of the garden - cold - very windy with a promise of snow in the UK today.
We only have visiting wild doves and wood pigeons in our garden - not that I would not love a flock of white doves - or even two or three! - but it is only a small dovecote!

We also have the neighbours cats visiting so we have to be selective on how we feed and encourage our birds.

Last summer we suddenly saw something large and white sitting in the one dovecote entrance - rushing for the bins - it turned out to be Milo from next door - we now have a large brick blocking the entrance - leaving just enough room for birds to enter and leave if they so wish.

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  1. At first glance I thought that was at the bottom of my garden.
    I built a cote just the same as that and all I have had (in fifteen years) is a Robin nest in it three years running! I have loads of Collared doves around (a least a dozen), but they always prefer the trees and build a very flimsy nest - just a layer of twigs.

  2. Now that is a posh bird house!! Lovely to be able to see that from your window.
    Jane x

  3. Maybe you'll get a white christmas this year? Wouldn't that be nice.

    Love the bird house, I love cats, too, and I know the pair don't mix, sigh...

  4. It's wonderful that you can see the birds so well through your window.

    I like cats but they are not kind to birds!


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